• Customer Commitment

    At CMC, we understand the value of our customers. That is why, as a service to all of our valuable customers, we offer prompt service as well as 24/7 emergency parts and repair service.

  • Employee Commitment

    CMC, also, recognizes how important our staff is, too. We encourage a work environment that helps properly train and cross-train all our employees to gain knowledge as well as nurture a work place that each employee is proud to be a part of.

Custom & OEM Parts

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MVV Gear Pumps

CMC is the Exclusive Distributor in the USA for: MVV Metering Pumps, MVV is an Italian based manufacturer of Metering pumps, spinneret's, spinning beams, and static mixers and have been in business since 1942 offering these products with the highest in quality all around the world. http://www.mvv.it/en